Automatic Garage Door Opener Yay or Nay?

Having an automatic garage door opener is not only beneficial to making life a little less hectic, but secures your valuables.

In todays market, garage door opener have come a long way and offer many features for added safety and security, as well as manufacturer warranties to ensure proper usage.

Which opener do you choose? Camera and audio ability? Battery back up? So many features – lets discuss:


Prior to getting into the specifics on features, lets see WHY.


Why is there a Need for Automatic Garage Door Openers?

We bet the last thing you want to do when you get home at night or during the day in a rush – is to have to get out of the car, unlock your manual garage door lock and pull the garage door up manually.

How about in the morning when you have the kids rushing to school or work – again – having to seatbelt all kids in the car, and having 1 more thing to unlock and pull up the garage door. Don’t forget – once you are in or out of the garage, its time to once again get out of the car and close the garage door (don’t forget to manually lock it as well).  Whew – tiring for sure.

 Automatic garage door opener make life easier – press of a button and door open and closes. You drive in, press a button and once again, door closes.

Many garage door openers, such as LiftMaster or Genie, now come with visual and audio for additional control via smartphone. Tired of getting your packages stolen?? No problem – control your garage door when the Amazon delivery driver arrives by opening the garage door for them, even when you aren’t home.  Packages – secured!


Having young teens hang out in the garage while you aren’t home and want to make sure everyone is safe? Not only have the ability to watch live feed, but audio as well, and dual communication. 

automatic openers

Back in earlier years, Garage door opener manufacturers made screwdrive openers. These openers were a little cheaper then the rest due to being super loud and not lasting nearly as long.  Nowadays, they have done away with screwdrive openers and we are left with 2 fabulous options: Chaindrive and Beltdrive.

Both the chaindrive and beltdrive last years to come (with proper general garage maintenance), and as quiet as the chaindrive is, the beltdrive tends to be super quiet. We suggest upgrading to the beltdrive when there is  bedroom or office above the garage door. It does cost a little more so when there isn’t a need for it – save a few bucks. The chaindrive opener is a popular seller as it is almost just as quiet.

The newer garage door openers require battery backup as a safety feature – check out SB-969. 

Safety sensors, remotes and wall push button come along with the automatic opener as accessories and are most likely to be added as to make life a little easier.

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