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Reach out to the garage door repair business and ask questions about the business, about the technicians, about the owners. Follow your gut instinct and when you feel comfortable with the person answering your questions, book an appointment. Professionalism and honesty go a long way. Of course, googling “garage door repair near me” is a great starting point.

Garage door springs help to move your garage door up and down efficiently. Springs are under a huge amount of tension. Working with springs under tension can pose serious dangers, including flying metal if a winding cone or spring breaks, risk of minor to severe cuts, garage door falling and activated openers by accident during replacement. It’s best to replace by a local garage door professional. 

With so any different designs, materials and thickness of doors and windows, reach out to your local garage door company and see what options they offer as far as sizing, 1 piece to roll up conversion, colors, designs and materials.  Most common are glass garage doors, wood garage doors and steel garage doors. We also suggest looking online for ideas and envision your home with the garage door to your liking.

We tend to forget to give a little TLC to our gate or garage door with all that life has going on. General garage door and gate maintenance is highly recommended 1-2 times a year to lessen the chances of emergency problems. This includes alignment and balance of your gate or garage door, lubrication of all moving parts, hinges, etc. and inspecting the entire area including automatic openers for any potential issues that can be foreseen. Give us a call, 747-239-4111, we are happy to offer general maintenance.

There are so many answers to this question. If its something serious, (broken springs, door panel caved in, cable snapped or loosened) we suggest calling a garage door professional. Somethings may be better off handled by a professional to avoid injury or further damage. Realigning safety sensors or replacing automatic opener lightbulb or accessory batteries can certainly be a DIY project. Programming a new remote can be assisted by calling the manufacturers customer service line to ensure proper program or simply looking on YouTube.

Automatic garage door openers tend to last an average of 15 years (depending on usage and care). They usually give you a sign of acting up (working on and off, having to hold down the wall button to work) before they stop working completely. When you start seeing signs, call a pro to check things out so you can avoid emergency garage door repair services.

Your gate’s rusted chain will not improve and eventually will need to be replaced. You may also notice breakage or “jerking” when opening or closing the gate. To prevent emergency repairs, every 2-3 months spray with Liquid Wrench spray which offers state of the art Cerflon solid lubricant for superior durability and long-lasting lubrication

Photo eyes, safety sensors, induction loops, and other sensing mechanisms are intended to detect potentially dangerous circumstances, such as a vehicle or pedestrian blocking the gate path, and either stopping or reversing the cycle of the gate depending on the direction of travel.

The cost for a new automatic garage door opener ranges because there are many types of garage doors and automatic openers. Garage doors: depends on size, material and whether you add windows, insulation, knockers, etc. or not. Garage door openers: chain drive or belt drive (belt being quieter), come with a battery back up (required by law in CA SB-969) safety sensors, overhead or side mount, smartphone compatibility and even camera with live view and audio.

If your gate is not opening or closing,  check whether there is a power outage. If there is no power outage or any other electrical problem, test your automatic gate manually to identify any operational issues. Hire the help of a gate professional if you cannot identify the cause of the problem. The gate can also get stuck in manual mode, the track may be worn or other factors may contribute.

Manual gates require opening and closing by hand, and although can be locked by a latch or hard lock, offer minimal security and more annoyance when having to get out of the car each time to pen and close. Automatic gates provide extra security and convenience, can be opened with remote or your car push button rather then getting out of the car.

Converting your manual garage door to an automatic garage door doesn’t necessarily mean to replace the entire door (unless it’s in bad shape). You can simply add an automatic garage door opener to your existing garage door (provided there is space, electricity and other factors). Adding an automatic garage door opener will add security to your home and certainly make life a little easier.

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