Garage Door: Wood, Glass or Steel

Back in the day you had mainly wood garage doors available for your home. It was bulky, thicker and very heavy. Not to mention a lot more maintenance depending if you live in extreme weather areas.

Today, garage doors are available in a variety of materials, such as steel, wood, and glass. Aside from the noticeable differences in appearance, different garage door structures may better suit your budget, climate and look you want to achieve.

Garage Doors - Wood
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Steel is a the most popular garage door material due to its design options, flexibility, sturdiness, and overall value. Steel garage doors are available in an endless number of design options and provide a cheaper, more practical alternative to natural wood. Windows can be added to the top panel, or vertical on either or both right or left side, as well as top or bottom vents. Add insulation to strengthen your garage door and boost R-value. Live in a high wind area? Insulation is suggested in order to keep hot air or cold wind out as best as possible.

Compared to wood or glass garage doors, steel is significantly lighter-weight and easier to maintain. Various textures, imprints and colors give you the beauty and texture of wood, with the durability and reliability of steel.

What’s the disadvantage? Steel garage doors are more prone to rust and minor cracks which can spread. To help preserve the life of your steel garage door, we recommend washing it at least twice a year to remove grunge and dirt.

Garage Doors - Steele


Wood garage doors provide any exterior with a sense of timeless style. As a solid resource, wood offers an eco-friendlier option to consider when choosing a new garage door. Available in a variety of designs, wood materials, thickness and customization options, wood garage doors are an excellent option for homeowners wanting a solid, custom garage door that is solid and sturdy.

In addition to the higher upfront cost of a wood garage door, it is also important to consider the cost of the maintenance required to preserve it as best as possible and long term. Without regular maintenance, a wood door will begin to fade, rot, warp or chip.

Wood garage doors are best suited for mild climate areas. Severe changes in weather or contact with moisture (from rain, beaches or humidity) can cause wood to expand and distort as it absorbs this moisture. 


Aluminum and glass garage doors offer a modern, contemporary look with a variety of designs, both exterior and interior. Available in anodized coatings, many different powder coat colors and various glass options, full view aluminum and glass garage doors can be customized to fit into your precise mold of your dream garage door. 

Aluminum is lighter than steel, and therefore, also less durable. Severe winds can cause dents in aluminum. Glass garage doors are certainly beautiful, but cost slightly higher than steel or wood garage doors. They are beautiful, indeed, and raise the vale of your hoe dramatically.

When not sure where to start, reach out to the garage door specialists at Dana’s Gate & Garage Doors and let us show you all we have to offer. We are certain you will find the perfect garage door with our help and you are sure to be fully satisfied. Here are a few samples of what we have to offer Check Us Out

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