Safety Tips for Your Garage Door

When you think of potential hazards in your home, your garage door is usually not on the top list, but it definitely should be. Why?

Garage door accidents are responsible for 20,000 to 30,000 injuries every year. The garage door is one of the most dangerous parts of the household and responsible for several dozen deaths every year. Most of the victims of these fatalities are small children.  This simply shows garage door systems, especially the older models, can pose a significant threat to you and your family.

Garage Door Repair

We would like to share the following safety tips to help keep your loved ones safe

  • Take caution while the door is in motion: Sometimes when in a hurry, you may find yourself quickly opening the garage door, grabbing what you need, pressing the wall push button to close, and rushing out while the door is locking at the same time.
    Everything might seem under control, but it only takes one mistake for things to go wrong. You might trip, slip and fall while the door falls on you. For your safety, take your time and make sure you’ve closed or opened the door as it should.

Proper maintenance goes a long way:

Part of being safe is ensuring that your garage door functions properly.  Here are a few suggestions:

Tighten any loose parts/bolts

Ensure your garage door is balanced properly

Apply garage door lubrication to all moving parts

Inspect the door regularly. We suggest calling a garage door professional to handle all garage door repairs such as roller repairs, garage door spring repairs, and even cable repairs. Always hire an expert for these.

Garage Door Repair
  • Ensure that all your safety features are working
    The greatest part about modern garage door technology is the safety features such as automatic reversal systems, infrared motion detectors and emergency manual release.  Always test these features to make sure they are working, and if you’re still using an old model, it may be time to consider a garage door replacement.


  • Keep openers and remotes away from kids’ reach
    Children may be excited to open and close a garage door at the touch of a button. But that excitement can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Please do keep your remotes and openers away from your kids’ reach.



As mentioned before, garage door services should be left to professionals. You can trust our experts for top-notch workmanship. 

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