Tips for your Automatic Gate System Maintenance & Repairs

 If there are specific things that every homeowner and business property owners are thankful for, it’s possibly the invention of automatic gate openers. Convenience, added safety and ease of use are the major reasons homeowners install automatic gate systems on their property.


Of course, you would need maintenance and repair tips for your automatic gate system since you are going to spend well earned money installing it.


How Does an Automatic Gate System Work?                         

getting into the specifics on how to properly maintain your automatic gate, you
need to understand how the system operates. 
By understanding
the system, you can learn ways on how to keep unwanted damages at bay. 
The two
major components of an automatic gate system are the gate structure and the
gate operator. 


The gate structure is the physical body you can see from any
angle, like any regular gate be it wooden, steel, or any material that works
for you.  
second component is the gate operator.  
operator is the machinery that allows your gate to move automatically when you
need to enter and exit the property.


There are
various ways how it operates. Some gate systems have control access panels,
some have sensors and others can be opened remotely or through wireless devices
(such as smartphone or car push button).


Why is there a Need for Electric Gate Maintenance?

Like any other structure you have at home, electric gates also need maintenance and repairs from time to time.

If you’re going to invest in the installation of an automatic gate, you want it functioning properly for a very long time. Time and money matters- which is why maintenance should be performed 1-2 times yearly.


There are specific details in the mechanism that would require much attention such as the gate itself, the track, wheels or the gate operator. For the operator, since it is an electronic device or hydraulic, problems may arise if it is not properly used. Just the same, for the gate structure and track, it may be subjected to weather and climate hazards such as intense heat and rainstorms.


Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Gate Running Smoothly

Now that you have an idea about how an automatic gate works and why there is a need for it to be taken care of, here are some helpful tips to maintain your gate running smoothly.


1. Keep it clean.

The best maintenance you can do is to keep the electric gate clean all the time. This doesn’t just apply to the structure itself but also to the track and posts where it is installed.


There are of course many ways to clean the system and it will also depend on the material of your gate. Sometimes, good use of cloth by wiping is enough.

This will help prevent the iron or steel from rusting. If it does rust after a long time, you should consider coating or painting it again, depending on how bad the rust damage is.


Important parts that you should always clean are the track and gate operator. The track of the gate, especially if it is a sliding gate, should always be clutter-free. This will prevent debris from getting stuck on the track itself. The same way should be done with the gate operator or the electric board to prevent debris such as leaves and spider webs.


2. Inspect the gate from time to time.

To be able to spot flaws or at least see if it works properly, inspection should be done from time to time. Although electric gates generally don’t malfunction some years after its installation, you should still take a thorough inspection monthly should do the trick. This way, you may spot damages such as rust, dents, among many others.


3. Lubrication

Automatic gates can be considered as machines so lubrication is only natural. This of course will not apply to every component but only to the essential parts such as belt, wheels or track.

Greasing and lubricating these components is very important because of friction. You can do this step twice or thrice a year and get a specific gate lubrication spray from your local hardware store.


4. Pests and Other Critters

No matter how much we want to avoid it, there will be instances when pests may pose a danger to the gate structure.

Not cleaning your gate will increase this possibility. Snails, lizards and other small animals can definitely damage the electric board or panel which automates the movement of your gate so best to inspect it regularly. Make sure to lock your gate panel to try and avoid rats and other animals chewing on the wires inside.


5. Routine servicing and adjustments

After a long time, your automatic gate may not function as great as it used to be. To try and prevent emergency, and more expensive, gate repairs from happening, routine servicing and adjustment should be done. This may involve adjustments in track and minor repairs on the electric board of the gate operator. This can be done at least 1-2 times yearly.


Apart from the added security it gives, installing an automatic gate system will increase the value of your property.



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